Foods Rich In Zinc

Benefits of foods rich in zinc. Zinc has various beneficial effects on the body, such as beauty and health.In this article, we will introduce you to the zinc-containing foods you can buy at convenience stores. There are many beauty and health benefits of taking zinc.

Immunity booster

Zinc activates immune cells, boosting immunity, and protecting the body from bacteria and viruses.

It leads to the prevention of infectious diseases such as flu and conditions such as cancer.

Potassium Rich Foods

Keep beautiful skin and hair

By taking zinc, you can prevent rough skin and approach the firmness and texture of the skin. It also works to suppress inflammation, so it is recommended, even if you have acne or pimples.

It is an essential nutrient for maintaining beautiful hair because it promotes protein synthesis, which is the main component of hair.

Benefits Of Foods Rich In Zinc

Menstrual pain and pregnancy

It promotes the secretion of female hormones and regulates the hormone balance, improving menstrual irregularities, and menstrual pain. It is also recommended for pregnant women. It is one of the minerals necessary for the implantation of fertilized eggs and the growth of babies.Healthy Food

Improvement of anemia

A lack of zinc weakens the red blood cell membrane and makes it fragile, resulting in anemia. Taking zinc helps maintain normal red blood cells and improve anemia.

Mental stability

It stimulates serotonin synthesis, known as the “happiness hormone,” which stabilizes your feelings.

Foods high in zinc

The following are ingredients that contain a lot of zinc.

It is recommended to take it as a side dish because you can get zinc efficiently.

Side dish system

Oysters, lean meat, crustaceans, eels, dried sardines, egg yolks

Oysters are a typical food that contains a lot of zinc. Boiled oysters are recommended because they have more zinc than raw oysters. If you eat about three cooked oysters a day, you will get the amount of zinc you want to get in a day.

Staple food

Wheat germ, whole grain, rice bran, Quinoa, oatmeal

Wheat germ is high in zinc. Choosing whole-grain bread is an excellent way to get wheat germ quickly. If you want to eat rice, brown rice is recommended because it has a higher zinc content than white rice.Zinc Rich Foods

Foods Rich In Zinc

Vegetable / fruit type

Kiriboshi daikon, broad beans, dried tomatoes, shiso, peppers, avocado, dried bananas

Dried vegetables and fruits contain more zinc than raw vegetables and fruits. It is also recommended to eat dried fruits as a snack.

Dairy products/soybeans

Cheese, milk, frozen tofu, kinako

It is abundant in hard cheese. Choose cheese when you eat snacks.

Dessert type

Almonds, sesame, cocoa, matcha

Cocoa and matcha are high in zinc. If you eat it as a dessert, you can eat it efficiently. Almonds and peanuts are recommended because you can easily take zinc as a snack or snack.

From here, we will introduce convenience store products that can take zinc!

All of them are easy to buy, so please try to incorporate them into your daily meals.

Side dishes

If you want the main side dish or another dish, we will introduce a menu that is easy to incorporate into snacks.

Stir-fried fluffy egg with pork and wood ear

Chinese stir-fried fluffy egg and wood ear. The sauce is a soy sauce base with Chinese soup and flavored vegetables added to give it a rich and umami flavor. The fluffy texture of the egg and the creamy soy sauce make it a delicious dish.

Seven Premium Kiriboshi Daikon Boiled

Kiriboshi daikon simmered with radish from Miyazaki prefecture. Based on bonito flakes and kelp soup stock, it has a rich flavor that is well-soaked in taste. The deliciousness of the ingredients and the umami of the dashi stock spread in your mouth. It is also a nice point to have plenty of components such as soybeans, fried tofu, carrots, and shiitake mushrooms.


Easily take zinc with a drink!

Almond milk

Almonds to drink. It is not milk or soy milk, but almond milk made from almonds. In addition to zinc, you can take a day’s worth of vitamin E, dietary fiber, and calcium. It features a gentle sweetness and a fragrant taste. You can also buy a box of 12 bottles.

Pokka Sapporo Food & Beverage Delicious and refreshing soybean milk drink 200ml

A soy milk drink that is a blend of soybean flour and brown sugar. The fragrant flavor of soybean flour and the sweetness and richness of brown sugar are perfectly balanced! Even though it is sweet, it is a refreshing drink. There is also a refreshing black sesame soy milk drink that is a blend of black sesame and black honey.

If you run out of zinc …?

Zinc deficiency weakens immunity and leads to illnesses such as colds. Also, be aware that you are more likely to develop anemia. We recommend that you take it every day as part of your physical condition management.

Also, it can cause rough skin, menstrual pain, and irregular menstruation. It is a nutrient that women want to take positively.

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Foods Rich In Zinc | Zinc Rich Foods
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Foods Rich In Zinc | Zinc Rich Foods
Benefits of foods rich in zinc. Zinc has various beneficial effects on the body, such as beauty and health.In this article, we will introduce you to the zinc-containing foods you can buy at convenience stores. There are many beauty and health benefits of taking zinc.
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