Keto Diet For Diabetes And Is Keto Diet Good For Diabetics?

Keto diet for diabetes is good or not well today we will talk about it.It is no longer news that as a diabetic patient, one major difficulty you experience is having to watch what you eat and thereby having to adjust your diet to a very strict diet plan might prove to be very difficult, it may even seem impossible at first but give it time, your body adjusts to what it is subjected to (well, for most people).

So, is keto diet for diabetes and is keto diet good for diabetics?
Well, it could be you or someone close to you that suffers from one of the types of diabetics so, do not worry as you will get all the information needed to answer that question for you.

What Is Keto Diet

What is diabetes?

Okay, letā€™s start by discussing what diabetes really is in case you are not so familiar with the term but I am guessing you will be;

Diabetes mellitusĀ (DM), commonly known asĀ diabetes, is a group ofĀ metabolic disordersĀ characterized by aĀ high blood sugarĀ level over a prolonged period (according to Wikipedia). Diabetes occurs when either theĀ pancreasĀ is not producing enoughĀ insulin, or the cells in the human body are not responding rightly to the insulin produced.

Symptoms may include frequent urination, increased thirst, and increased appetite. If diabetes is not treated on time, it could cause several complications ranging from diabetic ketoacidosis, hyperosmolar hyperglycemic state, or even death, most of which are acute conditions while some serious long-term complications include cardiovascular disease, permanent eye damage(retinopathy), stroke, chronic kidney disease, foot damage, damage to the nerves etc.
So, due to the dangers diabetics poses, it will be only very right to check if you are on the correct diet plan.

Keto Diet For Diabetes And Is Keto Diet Good For Diabetics?


There are different types of diabetes and they are;

  • Type 1 Diabetes: which is also known as insulin-dependent occurs when the insulin produced by the body is insufficient for normal functioning of the body system.


  • Type 2 Diabetes: also called non-insulin-dependent occurs when the body does not harness the insulin produced for the proper functioning of the body system. Mostly found in adult and may take a while before diagnosis.Keto Diet For Diabetes


  • Pre-Diabetes: is a condition characterized by slightly elevated blood glucose levels, regarded as indicative that a person is at risk of progressing to Type 2 diabetes. It is likely that without intervention the person will progress to type 2 diabetes within a space of ten (10) years. It mostly shows no symptoms.


  • Gestational Diabetes: occurs mostly in pregnant women. It is a condition characterized by an elevated level of glucose in the blood during pregnancy, typically resolving after birth. The women who have this type of diabetes are at much higher risk of progressing to type 2 diabetes in the future.


A keto diet, also known as a ketogenic diet is a diet characterized with high fat, low carb and very moderate protein, this proportion is usually maintained throughout the dieting plan and its benefits include weight loss, appetite being reduced, reduced blood sugar and there are also other health benefits as many researchers have concluded.

A keto diet is possibly a good diet for diabetic patients especially type 2 patients because of the fact that it supports a reduction in the intake of carbohydrate which is the main source of sugar in the blood but letā€™s take a look at the facts;

Why is a very strict diet necessary for diabetic patients?

So, the question is why is it necessary to watch your diet as a diabetic patient? Well, since diabetics are majorly caused by the inability of the hormone called insulin which is produced by the pancreas to control the glucose levels in our bodies, then there is the need to devise ways to handle the condition. Many methods had been used by medical practitioners to curb and handle the conditions at all stages and research is still ongoing.

The American Diabetes Association says when you are managing diabetes, an eating plan is a powerful tool. Knowing what to eat can feel like a struggle sometimes, right? Well, it doesn’t have to because there are easy things you can do to add flavor to your daily routineā€”including healthy twists on your favorite foods says the American Diabetes Association.

They also included that ā€˜oneā€™ key to feeling your best lies in the food you eatā€”so don’t give up. You can start by working with a dietitian or registered dietitian nutritionist (RDN) to make an eating plan that works for you. Be sure to include foods you like and donā€™t be afraid to try something new (Nigerian Diabetes Association)

We know that if the insulin cannot interact with the glucose in the body, it means glucose will not get into the cells where it is needed, instead, it will remain in the blood and increase in a harmful amount leading definitely to high blood sugar.

So, for this reason, a strict diet like a low carb diet, keto diet, atkins diet, low carb paleo, dukan diet etc., that will lessen the intake of glucose producing foods is usually prescribed for patients, which is good, I mean if you cannot balance the blood sugar with the help of insulin in your body system, why not stop or limit the glucose coming into your body to prevent the possibility of more severe complications.Keto Diet For Diabetes

Note that it remains cogent and rather important that you have your medical doctor or a dietician plan a good diet routine for you stating the target carb ratio for your meals each day as there could be many reasons a particular diet plan is not meant for you.

Keto Diet For Diabetes

Why is keto diet good for diabetic patients?

There have been many kinds of research on the health benefits that keto diet may have on an individualā€™s health, while some has been tested and approved, others could just be myths as many of them do not have enough scientific data to back them up (yet anyways) but research is still on as to the possibility of the wonders that keto diet could perform.

Having mentioned that, we are aware that diabetics occur when the blood sugar is too high and it is of different types ranging from type 2 diabetes, type 1 diabetes, prediabetes, gestational diabetes.
We know blood glucose is our main source of energy and it comes from the food we consume daily, so, when you eat a high-carb meal, this can lead to a spike in your blood glucose which could be dangerous, especially if you have diabetes.

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So, a keto diet plays a huge role hereby reducing the intake of carbs which the insulin is not able to interact with normally in a diabetic patient but care still needs to be taken to avoid ketoacidosis which is actually very dangerous, it is caused by acidic substances called ketones, as it builds up to dangerous levels in your body, it will cause complications for someone whose blood sugar is extremely high, it is usually common amongst the type 1 patients and the affected individual may experience fatigue, thirst, frequent urination etc.

For this reason, it is very important that as a diabetic patient you decide on your diet plan along with your health care provider.Other health benefits of a ketogenic diet involve it been used in closely monitored settings for cancer, diabetes, and Alzheimerā€™s disease, please note that this may not be well backed with evidence as it may be regarded as a myth by some scientists (researchers).

Should you adopt this diet?

That answer is a clear yes especially if you are an overweight type 2 diabetic patient but you need to seek the attention of a medical practitioner or diabetics and keto diet expert, it is very important because there are some drugs you should not be taking when on keto diet and there could underlying illness that prevents you from following the diet too.

So, yes, the diet is for you or that person you know that is diabetic but it is more pertinent to get the help of medical personnel who is knowledgeable in this area. I hope you get all the necessary answers and your health gets better than it was.


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Keto diet for diabetes is good or not well today we will talk about it.It is no longer news that as a diabetic patient, one major difficulty you experience is having to watch what you eat
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