Nutritional Benefits In Broccoli

Nutritional Benefits In Broccoli

What are the best nutritional benefits in broccoli? Today we will talk about the benefits of broccoli. There are a lot of benefits in broccoli whether its cooked or not cooked. Broccoli helps you in weight loss too.

Broccoli nutrition and efficacy

Vitamin C

Rich in vitamin C.
Raw broccoli contains twice as much vitamin C as lemons, four times as much as mandarins, and three to five times as much as cabbage.
It’s surprising that there are more than lemons.

If you eat about 100g, you can get one day’s worth of vitamin C.
Vitamin C has a strong antioxidant effect and is an important nutrient in preventing arteriosclerosis and making collagen, which is essential for cosmetology.

Vegan Diet

benefits of fasting

It can be expected to prevent various diseases and to be highly effective and effective in beauty.
Although it is a highly nutritious broccoli, the nutrients in the stem are released after shipping.
The amount of vitamin C is halved in 3 days.

Nutritional Benefits In Broccoli

 Vitamin A

One of the components of vitamin A, “retinol,” improves resistance and is said to be good for the eyes and skin.
Vitamin A keeps mucous membranes such as the throat healthy.
Healthy mucous membranes can be expected to prevent colds and stomatitis.

 Vitamin E

It has the effect of promoting blood circulation, increasing skin metabolism, and promoting skin regeneration.
It is effective for improving skin troubles such as age spots, freckles, acne, acne scars, dark circles, wrinkles, and sagging.
By increasing the metabolism of the skin, you can expect a whitening effect.


It also contains a lot of minerals.

Folic acid

Because folic acid is an essential component of cell renewal, it has been shown that ingestion of sufficient amounts by women in early pregnancy reduces the risk of neural tube defects in the fetus, called neural tube defects.
It is an essential nutrition for pregnant women.
It plays a major role in making red blood cell cells.


Protein is an important nutrient that is indispensable for living.
They are called carbohydrates, fats, and proteins and the three major nutrients.
In addition to the effect of building the body, it is also important as an energy source.



You can expect beauty effects such as fat consumption and whitening.

Dietary fiber

Improve bowel movements.


Sulforaphane can be expected to have various effects such as strong antioxidant effect, prevention of gastric cancer and colon cancer, and liver function improvement function.
There is a knack for sulforaphane activity.

The enzyme myrosinase, which is required to activate sulforaphane, is vulnerable to heating and will die when cooked.
Even when eaten raw, myrosinase is digested in the body and sulforaphane is not produced.
The point is to cut the broccoli and leave it for 4-5 minutes.
By cutting, myrosinase produces sulforaphane.

The rest is OK to cook normally.
Sulforaphane of young broccoli sprout is about 20 times
The amount of sulforaphane in broccoli sprout is about 20 times that of ripe broccoli.
It can be eaten raw, so you can put it in a salad or sandwich.

Broccoli is also effective for muscle training and dieting
Broccoli is effective for muscle training and dieting.

Nutritional Benefits In Broccoli

I will explain in order.

 Effective for muscle training

To strengthen muscles, it is necessary to balance not only protein but also nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber.
Protein alone does not strengthen muscles.

Broccoli is well-filled with these nutrients.
It’s also low in calories, fat and sugar , making it an ideal balance for muscles.

 Effective for dieting
Chromium, a type of mineral found in broccoli, has the effect of burning fat .
Vitamin B1 supports the burning of fat and prevents it from accumulating fat.

Vitamin E and sulforaphane are expected to have the effect of increasing metabolism, so they promote detoxification in the body.
Broccoli sprout x black ginger [Beautiful diet for those who want to eat!]

Disadvantages of broccoli:

Body odor becomes strong

The ingredient “choline” contained in broccoli causes a strong body odor.

If you eat too much, it will put a strain on your stomach and intestines.

Eating too much broccoli can be gastrointestinal.
When the gastrointestinal burden is applied, the gastrointestinal function is reduced and it becomes difficult for the body to absorb nutrients.


Broccoli is in season from November to March.
Broccoli has the highest content of vitamin C, vitamin B1 and folic acid among vegetables.
The secret is the flower bud, which has the power to make more than 40,000 flowers bloom per plant.
Broccoli stalks contain vitamin C, ő≤-carotene and dietary fiber.
For cooking, steaming or microwave oven is recommended to prevent the outflow of vitamins.

Nutritional Benefits In Broccoli

Recommended cooking method for broccoli

Recommended cooking method
„ÉĽ Boil in hot water below 75 ‚ĄÉ „ÉĽ
Steam at low temperature for up to 5 minutes
The reason is that the loss of myrosinase can be suppressed to 18% or less.
It is difficult to steam while keeping the temperature.
We recommend “low temperature steaming” where you steam while opening the lid with a steamer.
Slow heating also increases the sweetness.
Broccoli is an excellent ingredient that is easy to prepare, has a gorgeous color, and can produce volume.

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