Nutritional Benefits of Eggs

Today we will share the benefits of eggs. Eggs are laid by different female species of birds but the most consumed still remains that of the chicken, this oval-shaped or round-shaped which contains the egg white and egg yolk housed in a shell is high in protein (especially the egg white) and this is well known but when you choose to explore the nutritional benefits of eggs you will discover it also contains vitamins {vitamin A, vitamin B12, vitamin D, riboflavin and folate.}  and minerals {calcium, selenium, sodium, potassium and iron}, omega 3 and fatty acid.

It is one of the most common food in the world, it is not expensive and easily available to be consumed by all.It is a fact that you will be amazed at the nutritional benefits of an egg as they are quite enormous and helpful. This superfood can be consumed any time of the day {it can be consumed in the morning (breakfast), in the afternoon(lunch), at night(dinner)} because it can be added to almost every recipe but research has shown that despite this it is only healthy to consume between 1-3 eggs per day depending on the daily nutrient requirement of individuals.

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Eggs are packed with numerous nutrients, hence, numerous nutritional benefits, these are ranging from the benefits associated with consumption because it is rich in protein and its ability to help fight against various diseases like diabetes, cystic fibrosis, Alzheimer’s disease among other diseases.

Nutritional Benefits of Eggs

Below is a breakdown of some nutritional and health benefits of eggs;

It Helps in The Production of Good Cholesterol; We all know that high level of cholesterol is not the best for the health at all and it is commonly said that eggs are rich in cholesterol, because of this some people are not quite sure if consumption of eggs is a good choice but you should know that eggs are rich in HDL (high-density lipoproteins) which is also known as the good cholesterol which means it is safe, it also helps to eliminate the bad cholesterol in the body and protects the heart against diseases.Benefits of boiled eggs for weight loss

Helps in The Fight Against Diabetics; Eggs are very efficient in the fight against diabetics especially against the type 2 diabetics (when the body does not produce insulin or resist insulin). In fact, research shows that one egg per day reduces the risk of diabetes because it places a major role in the reduction of blood sugar in the body. If you are diabetic, having egg for breakfast is a good option but should be consumed preferably as (boiled, poached, scrambled) egg.

Aids Good Vision; This is possible because the egg yolk is rich in lutein and vitamin A. Eggs are very efficient in fighting macular degeneration and cataract among other eye defects and conditions associated with aging (most people don’t consider how important it is to be intentional about having healthy vision until an eye defect is diagnosed forgetting the eye is a very important part of the body) consuming eggs is one of the best options for establishing a good vision even as we age.

Eggs Are Protein-rich; Protein is a major nutrient essential for proper functioning, growth and development of the body system. Research shows that eggs contain about 6.3g of protein. It helps to build and repair worn out tissues. There is this myth that high consumption of protein destroys the kidneys, this is not entirely true because high protein consumption can only have a negative effect on the kidney of someone with underlying kidney disease, therefore it’s a good option to include egg in your daily diet, remember that!Nutritional Benefits of Eggs

It Helps to Fight Excess Weight; Most people think because there is fat present in eggs, so it makes them add unnecessary weight, consumption of fat is not the reason why we add weight, although excess consumption can result in excess weight. There is still a daily requirement of fat we should consume according to the 2000 calories diet per day. Therefore, the consumption of eggs in adequate proportion is a good choice. Eggs are very helpful in losing weight because consumption of eggs makes us fuller because it is low in calorie and majorly because it has high protein content, it helps reduce appetite.

Eggs Are Completely Sugar-Free; For people that are on a sugar-free diet or for those that want to reduce their sugar consumption, the consumption of egg is a good idea because it is sugar-free.

The Best Dietary Source with Choline; The presence of choline in eggs is one of the major nutritional benefits. Choline is essential for vital body functions and overall proper functioning of the body system. Choline helps in;

Memory improvement; choline is very helpful in long-term brain improvement and also poor memory and poor concentration associated with old age, it has also proved to help fight against Alzheimer’s disease.

Benefits of Eggs

Choline is an essential nutrient in pregnancy; this is because it plays a major role in the development of the baby brain and also helps fight inflammation too. Study shows that most pregnant women lack choline in their diet, therefore, consumption of eggs during pregnancy is a healthy choice because it is not only safe for the baby but it helps in the proper development of the fetus.

Choline helps Your nervous system; Choline helps in the proper functioning of the nervous system.

Above are some major benefits of choline among others, choline requirements vary due to age, gender, pregnancy and health conditions. Although, choline deficiency is rare there are some cases of choline deficiency (see your doctor in such cases).

Eggs Help to Boost Metabolism; Eggs are high in protein, hence the major reason why they aid body metabolism. For this reason, egg consumption is a good choice after exercising because it helps to repair muscles after exercise. In this time when most people are becoming enlightened on how important it is to exercise, egg consumption should be included in your daily diet.Best Benefits Of Eggs

It Is Rich in Omega-3 Fatty Acid; Eggs are rich in omega 3 which is very useful for various purposes, research has shown that at least one egg contains about 125g of omega 3 fatty acid. It helps to fight depression, anxiety, ADHD (it is also generally useful in the fight against mental disorders, it helps to improve sleep, it also helps to fight against cancer and fatty liver disease, it helps in the fight against asthma and it also helps to relieve menstrual pain amongst other various nutritional and health benefits it has.

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With all the above wealth of knowledge, I am already thinking of the different types of dishes that include eggs that I could include in my diet, what about you?Do you think it’s time to try some eggs and egg delicacies? I hope you enjoy and most importantly get all the nutritious benefits of it when you choose to.


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Nutritional Benefits of Eggs
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Today we will share the benefits if eggs. Eggs are laid by different female species of birds but the most consumed still remains that of the chicken, this oval-shaped or round-shaped which contains the egg white and egg yolk housed in a shell is high in protein (especially the egg white)
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