Best Nutritional Benefits Of Watermelon

What are the best nutritional benefits of watermelon?”Watermelon diet” is a weight loss method that uses watermelon, but you are wondering how to do it. In this article, a registered dietitian will explain how to diet watermelon and what to look out for. In addition, we will introduce the expected effects other than weight loss and recipes for eating without getting tired. Please give it a try.

Can you lose weight on a watermelon diet?

Watermelon contains various nutrients that are useful for dieting. However, it cannot be said that you can lose weight just by eating watermelon. Try to have a regular lifestyle, such as eating a nutritionally balanced diet and exercising habitually .

Please avoid eating only watermelon just because you are concerned about the calories in your diet. The nutritional balance may be unbalanced, which may cause poor physical condition. Also, extreme eating habits can lead to rebounds. Please eat properly.

Effect of watermelon diet Measures against swelling

Edema is a condition in which water and waste products are accumulated in the body. When you’re on a diet, you’re worried about “fatness” due to swelling.Benefits-Of-Watermelon

One of the causes of swelling is excessive salt intake. In addition to trying to reduce salt, taking “potassium” that promotes salt excretion is a measure against swelling. Watermelon is rich in potassium, so it is recommended for those who are concerned about swelling.

Top Nutritional Benefits Of Watermelon

Promote blood flow

The main action of “citrulline,” an amino acid contained in watermelon, is to dilate blood vessels and promote blood flow. When blood flow improves, blood can reach every corner of the body. It is an ingredient that helps prevent coldness caused by poor blood flow and swelling of the legs.
Citrulline improves athletic performance because blood flow increases as blood vessels dilate. It also has the effect of smoothly removing lactic acid generated during exercise and promoting energy generation


Watermelon is rich in “lycopene” and “β-carotene,” which have strong antioxidant properties. These have the function of removing “active oxygen” in the body and suppressing the action.
Reactive oxygen species are excessively generated by strenuous exercise and stress, and can cause aging. Therefore, eating watermelon and taking antioxidants such as lycopene and β-carotene will help prevent aging.

How to diet watermelon

General way

There are many ways to go on a watermelon diet, but it’s common to eat watermelon at dinner time. If you are uncomfortable eating with dinner, you can eat it as a dessert after dinner.

There are no particular rules regarding other dietary content or quantity in the watermelon diet. The advantage is that you can easily get started because you only need to add watermelon to your daily diet.

Recommended way

The recommended way to go on a watermelon diet is to use watermelon as an alternative to desserts and snacks after a meal. If you don’t adjust the calories in your diet, review your snacks.Best-Benefits-Of-Watermelon

Replacing breakfast or dinner with watermelon is not recommended as it can lead to nutritional imbalances. Please eat properly every meal.

Estimated amount to eat

The standard amount of watermelon to eat is 200g (1 to 2 slices) per day. Does not include skin or seed weight. In the case of watermelon cut into about 3 cm square, it is equivalent to a little less than 6 pieces.

The weight per slice varies depending on the size of the watermelon. To prevent overeating, remove the skin and seeds of the watermelon and weigh it.

Be careful not to eat too much! Let’s know the calories of watermelon!
Calories and sugar per slice of watermelon (200g)

– the amount of energy (calories) …… 74Kcal
-sugar mass …… 18.4 g of (※ 8)

Nutritional Benefits Of Watermelon

Compared to other fruits

Let’s compare the calorie and sugar mass of watermelon with other fruits per 100g.
– watermelon

amount of energy (calories) …… 37Kcal
sugar mass …… 9.2 g of

Nutritional Benefits Of Watermelon

amount of energy (calories) …… 61Kcal
sugar mass …… 14.3 g of


amount of energy (calories) …… 40Kcal
sugar mass …… 8.9 g of

 – grape

amount of energy (calories) …… 59Kcal
sugar mass …… 15.2 g of


 – Banana

  • amount of energy (calories) …… 86Kcal

sugar mass …… 21.4 g of


 – melon

amount of energy (calories) …… 42Kcal
sugar mass …… 9.8 g of
watermelon is water Due to its high volume; it is lower in calories than other fruits. You can eat with confidence even while you are on a diet. However, the sugar mass is higher than the thigh, and it cannot be said that it is low. Be careful not to overeat.


Nutritional Benefits Of Watermelon

3 Recommended Recipes for Watermelon Diet

  1. Watermelon gazpacho soup

This is a gazpacho-style soup made from watermelon and tomato juice. Like watermelon, tomato juice is rich in “lycopene,” which has antioxidant properties.
During the watermelon diet, it is one way to incorporate it as a dish like this. How about combining it with breakfast bread? Bread contains salt, but taking potassium from watermelon can help prevent swelling.

  1. Watermelon pork shabu-shabu salad

This salad is a pork shabu-shabu-style dish that combines cut watermelon with lettuce and bean sprouts.
This recipe is recommended for those who want to go on a general watermelon diet, such as eating watermelon at the timing of dinner. Not only watermelon, but also plenty of low-calorie vegetables are used to increase the volume, so you can get satisfaction even when you are on a diet.

  1. Whole watermelon jelly

This is a watermelon jelly with a plump texture. By using the skin of watermelon as a container, it will have a humorous appearance. Please refrain from using chocolate chips topping as seeds while you are on a diet.
A perfect recipe for desserts and snacks after dinner. Salty snacks and hail are high in salt and can lead to swelling. If you replace it with watermelon jelly, you can get potassium, which helps prevent swelling.

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