Potassium Rich Foods

Potassium Rich Foods

What are the best potassium rich foods? Do you know that vegetables contain a lot of potassium? Based on a nutritionist’s view, I will summarize the amount of potassium contained in vegetables and fruits. Also, we will introduce how to take potassium efficiently and recommended recipes.

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About vegetables that are high in potassium

・ One bunch of spinach (300g) …… 2,070mg

・ One bunch of komatsuna (300g) …… 1,500mg

・1/4 slice of pumpkin (250g) …… 1,125mg

・ 1/4 slice of radish (250g) …… 575mg

・Lotus root Section 1 (150g) …… 660mg

・ 1 avocado (200g) …… 1,440mg・ 1 sweet potato (200g) …… 760mg

・ 1 taro (50g) …… 320mg

Potassium has the property of being soluble in water, so vegetables Boiled will reduce the content. Remove lye from spinach and Japanese mustard spinach quickly, and try to prevent potassium from dissolving in water as much as possible.

Benefits Of Potassium Rich Foods

About fruits that are high in potassium

・ 1 banana (150g) …… 540mg

・ 1 peach (200g) …… 360mg

・1/4 slice of melon (90g) …… 306mg・ 1 kiwi (100g) …… 290mg

・ 1 apple (300g) …… 360mg

・ 1 persimmon (200g) …… 340mg

Fruits that can be eaten raw are ingredients that can efficiently take potassium. However, since it contains a lot of sugar, you need to be careful not to overeat. As a guide, eat 200g of fruit per day.

What is the effect of potassium?

Lower blood pressure

Potassium is a nutrient that helps lower blood pressure because it promotes the excretion of sodium (salt).

There are various causes of increased blood pressure, but it is especially important not to take too much salt. If you are concerned about blood pressure, be aware of salt reduction, and actively eat foods rich in potassium that help excrete salt.Potassium Rich Foods

Measures against swelling

Potassium’s action to promote the excretion of sodium (salt) is also useful for preventing swelling.

Excessive sodium intake is one of the causes of body swelling. Eating salty foods causes the body to take in water to reduce the salt concentration, leading to swelling. You will significantly benefit from combining potassium-rich foods when eating high-salt foods such as ramen and pickles.

Keep your muscles normal

Potassium has the effect of maintaining normal muscle function. Insufficient potassium can cause symptoms such as muscle weakness and weakness.

If you eat a regular diet, you are unlikely to be deficient in potassium enough to have these symptoms. However, care should be taken when large potassium is lost due to severe diarrhea or vomiting.

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How to get potassium nutrients efficiently?

Potassium Rich Foods

Eat raw

Eat potassium-rich foods, such as vegetables and fruits, raw to ensure efficient potassium intake. Besides washing vegetables and fruits and eating them as they are, we recommend fresh vegetable salad.

As mentioned above, potassium has the property of being soluble in water. If you boil or boil, the potassium in the food will dissolve in the broth, so be careful.

Eat with the broth

If you boil or boil vegetables, have them with the broth in which potassium is dissolved. Even vegetables such as pumpkin and lotus root, which are hard and inedible raw, can be consumed without missing potassium.

It is recommended not only to add potassium-rich vegetables to miso soup and soup but also to cook and eat in simmered dishes or risotto.

5 Recommended Recipes for Efficient Potassium

Can be made without lower boiling. Spinach saute

A sauteed spinach that is quickly fried in butter. It’s a recipe that doesn’t require boiling, so the point is that you can take potassium efficiently. Also, by heating, you can reduce the bulk and get plenty of spinach.

Have the whole broth. Pumpkin cream risotto

A pumpkin cream risotto that you can enjoy the texture of pressed barley. The risotto served with the broth is the perfect dish for efficient potassium intake. The pumpkin is simmered for a long time, so it is soft and does not need to be boiled.

Easily increase the volume! Korean style avocado udon

A dish with Korean-style seasoning sprinkled on udon and topped with plenty of avocados. It can be cooked quickly using a microwave oven, so it is perfect for lunch alone. Avocado is an ingredient that can be eaten raw so that you can enjoy all the potassium.

Easy without a mixer. Chocolate banana juice

A chocolate-flavored juice made from Banana and milk. It’s a recipe that doesn’t use a mixer, so you can make it as soon as you think of it. This recipe is recommended for those who want to use a banana rich in potassium as a snack but feel a little unsatisfactory.

With kiwi and Banana! Komatsuna smoothie

This smoothie has two layers of beautiful appearance. The point is to combine ingredients rich in kiwi, Japanese mustard spinach, Banana, and potassium. Since it is made from raw ingredients, you can get potassium efficiently. How about incorporating it into your breakfast or snacks?


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Potassium Rich Foods
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