Protein Rich Foods | Foods Rich in Protein

Protein rich foods are highly important and needed in the human body, they are highly beneficial to the growth of cells in the human body which also affects our overall health.

Are you aware that your intake of these protein-rich foods can determine a lot about your physical appearance? Imagine having to do all you do, without your body having the means to repair itself, there’s a certainty of looking quite unhealthy. You are at risk of hair loss, skin problems, and body swelling when you lack sufficient protein in your body.

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Protein diets are very important to your overall wellbeing. Aside from being an important bodybuilder and tissue repairer, evidence also shows that it can significantly contribute to lowering blood pressure and helping to increase muscle mass. They also perform various other functions like boosting immune health to transporting and storing a host of other nutrients.

Protein Rich Foods

Here are 10 Foods Rich in Protein

It’s possible to eat more of other food content, carbohydrates especially, without meeting up the needed protein requirement of 56g and 46g, for men and women, respectively. Here’s a list of food rich in protein content to add to your diet.

  1. Chicken Breast:

A good dish of chicken breast can give up to 75% of protein calories and 53g of protein if prepared without the skin.
Chicken skin can contain high-fat content, that can be dangerous to the blood pressure but the skinless chicken breast will supply an efficient amount of protein calories to your meal. Aside from protein, it will also add important vitamins like vitamin B and D to your diet. It is also very well rich in minerals like calcium, zinc, and iron, which are highly beneficial to your overall health.

Chicken Breast

  1. Almonds:

Almonds are another great source of protein to add to your diet, you can consume them as a snack between meals, or use almond butter to eat or prepare food instead of the normal salted butter.
Almonds have 164 protein calories and 6g of protein. It is also a rich source of vitamin E and K and other essential body minerals.


  1. Cheese:

Cheeses are rich in protein. Different varieties of cheese contain varying amounts of protein content that are needed by the body.
Cottage cheese for example can contain up to 28g of protein in a cup serving, and about 69% protein calories. Parmesan cheese can contain up to 30% of protein-calorie content.
Cheeses are important sources of B2 and B12 vitamins and important minerals like phosphorus and calcium. It’s best to consume cheese with a low percentage of fat added.


  1. Eggs:

Eggs are highly nutritious and are a popular source of protein all over the world. The entire egg white of the egg is the major source of protein, while the yolk has more protein, so the major make-up of eggs is protein.
You can find up to 6g of protein in large eggs, aside from other useful vitamins such as D and B12 and minerals like calcium and selenium.
Add some serving of eggs to your meals today, for a rich intake of protein.


  1. Greek Yogurt

This yogurt is very rich in protein and that is great news for yogurt-lovers. You will get up to 17g of protein in a 170g container. It also has about 69% protein calories.
This thick yogurt is best bought, without added sugar, it is very beneficial and contains essential B vitamins and minerals like calcium and zinc.

Greek Yoghurt

  1. Oats:

Oats are well rich in proteins and as one of the healthiest grains eaten all over the world, it is indeed a fantastic choice for breakfast, a cup can contain up to 11g of protein in it. It is also a healthy source of manganese, magnesium, and fiber, which makes it more fantastic.
Adding a cup of oat to your diet is definitely a healthy choice to consider because they are also a good source of other minerals, vitamins and fiber that help boost the overall health and ensure a well-nourished body.


  1. Milk:

Adding a cup of milk to your diet can be beneficial to your body. It is another amazing source of quality protein to the body, except you have any form of allergy here, I see no reason you can’t take two cups of milk every day. It is also rich in minerals like phosphorus and calcium.

A cup of whole cow milk can give up to 8g of protein, while a cup of soy milk can give up to 6g of protein. If you don’t like a diary, then soy milk is a good plant-based alternative for your protein needs, there’s always a choice for you.
You can consider milk with little or no added fats too, in order to avoid fat-related risks.


  1. Lean Beef:

You should add lean beef to your diet, for a rich supply of your protein needs. You can get as high as 25g of protein from some varieties of lean beef.
It’s also a worthy choice if you are on low carbohydrate diets. Aside from protein, lean beef is rich in vitamin B12 and high in iron content that your body can easily access and absorb for use.

Lean Beef

  1. Lentils:

Lentils are super-rich in plant proteins. A serving of a boiled cup of lentils can supply up to 18g of protein to your body. As a leguminous plant, it is also rich in other minerals, examples are potassium and magnesium, it also has a high fiber content.Lentils are a good choice to add to your diet, its high folate content contributes to reduced blood pressure in the body.


  1. Tuna:

Tuna fish like many other fish types is very rich in protein. A can of tuna in your diet can provide up to 28g of protein to your body.This fish has low-fat content and is also a rich source of omega-3 fatty acid. Use Tuna to spice up your salads, or any of your baked dishes and enjoy your meal.


Health Benefits of Protein Rich Food

It is quite important to eat Protein-rich diets, as it supplies your body with sufficient quantity to do the following;

  • Proteins will help to supply sufficient strength to your muscles, especially when you engage in strenuous activities
  • Protein calories can help you stay less hungry. When you have sufficient protein in your diet, you will only gain a healthy amount of weight.
  • Protein has also been proved to be beneficial to bone health. Your bones can stay stronger despite age if you eat sufficient protein in your diet.
  • Proteins can help you to use up more calories in your body, making it significant to your metabolic processes.
  • Protein can be beneficial in reducing blood pressure and blood cholesterol levels.

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It is important to eat foods rich in protein to allow your body to function optimally. Your body will stay fresh and healthy with a sufficient quantity of protein in your diets. Adding this food to your diet will help to reach your daily protein requirements and keep harmful diseases away.
Draft out a meal plan yourself or with the help of a nutritionist, include important protein sources that will keep your body well load with it and watch your health improve.


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Protein Rich Foods | Foods Rich in Protein
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Protein Rich Foods | Foods Rich in Protein
Protein rich foods are highly important and needed in the human body, they are highly beneficial to the growth of cells in the human body which also affects our overall health.
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