What are food supplements?

What are food supplements? What are the benefits of food supplements? Today we will talk about food supplements and when you need food supplements.

What are nutritionally functional foods?

Nutritionally functional foods are foods used to supplement specific nutritional components such as vitamins and minerals. For each nutritional component, the standard value (upper limit and lower limit) of the amount contained in the daily intake guideline is set by the country, and if it meets the standard, it will be notified to the country. You can display the function of the corresponding nutritional component without applying for permission.

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In recent years, a variety of supplements have been marketed to supplement the nutritional deficiencies that have become unbalanced in the diet. Supplements can be said to be part of nutritionally functional foods in terms of supplementing the nutritional components that are deficient, but among supplements, for specific components such as vitamins and minerals that have been set by the national standard, only foods that meet the standard values   are nutritionally functional foods.

Labeling of nutritionally functional foods

In the labeling of nutritionally functional foods, it is indicated that it is a nutritionally functional food, such as “Nutritionally functional food (vitamin C)”, and the name of the corresponding nutritional component is displayed after it. Regarding the labeled ingredients, for example, “Vitamin C is a nutrient that helps maintain the health of the skin and mucous membranes and has an antioxidant effect.” 1) and  In accordance with the food labeling standards, the function notation cannot indicate the function of ingredients other than the nutritional ingredients specified in the standard, or specific health uses such as “for tired eyes”.What are food supplements?

In addition, for nutritionally functional foods, the recommended daily intake is specified, and the number of nutritional components per daily intake is displayed.In addition, many of these nutritional ingredients are not more effective, so it is important to follow the volume and usage stated on the package.

What are food supplements?

Another thing to note is how to save. Nutritionally functional foods meet national standards for specific nutritional ingredients, but if they are not well preserved, there is no guarantee that they will be met until the time they are ingested. Make sure to follow the storage instructions on the package and consume within the deadline.

Nutrient-functional foods are taken to supplement the deficient nutrients in order to prevent the intake of necessary nutrients from becoming deficient and causing physical discomfort. However, rather than supplementing the nutrients deficient in a normal diet with nutritional functional foods such as supplements, for health, eat a well-balanced diet based on staple foods, main dishes, and side dishes on a daily basis. I want to keep in mind.

What are food supplements in the first place?

And “dietary supplement” is, in general, it refers to a food that was intended to supplement the nutrients it is difficult to take the amount needed just from the diet. Foods that are so-called “health foods” and “supplements”, and drinks and jelly-type foods that are served as part of nutrition therapy at medical (hospital) and nursing facilities are called “nutritional supplements”. You may have heard of it.

When the country was discussing health foods in 2000, it was once defined as “dietary supplements” that are not in the shape of tablets or capsules, which are useful for maintaining good health. But now, “dietary supplement” is not a particularly institutionalization, such as by law, and in terms that are defined on the law. Under the law, all foods and drinks except pharmaceuticals and quasi-drugs are classified as “foods”.

Although it is not institutionalized, if you explain what “dietary supplements” are in general terms, you understand that they are “foods for supplementing nutrition that are difficult to obtain in the required amount by diet alone”. You should keep it.

About nutrition and timing that tend to be deficient

Nutrition that tends to be deficient changes from time to time. You may unknowingly become unbalanced due to changes in food preferences or seasonal loss of appetite. As you get older, you may find it difficult to eat hard foods, your food may become thin, or you may become ill and not get enough nutrition.  Dietary supplements are useful in such cases. Maybe some people have used dietary supplements that are rich in necessary nutrition when they are anemic.What are food supplements?

If you can get enough of your daily diet from your daily diet, you don’t need to supplement with dietary supplements. And don’t worry too much if you don’t meet your daily intake requirements. However, if you don’t get enough from your diet but want to stay healthy, you can rely on dietary supplements well.

For example, elderly people in need of long-term care are known to be vulnerable to nutrients such as proteins, minerals, vitamins, and dietary fiber. For this reason, a dietary supplement containing a combination of these, and it has been recommended to take as a snack.

Also, even if you eat regularly and exercise, may you continue to have constipation or have irregular bowel movements? Based on a well-balanced diet, if you feel that you are in short supply, try to get the help of dietary supplements.

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What are food supplements? What are the benefits of food supplements? Today we will talk about food supplements and when you need food supplements.
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