Vegan Diet For Weight Loss

Vegan diet for weight loss works or not?Do you want to lose weight here are some best vegan diet for weight loss. A vegetarian diet can be effective just by understanding the cause of gaining weight.When people hear vegetarians, they usually think, “I can’t live on vegetables alone! “For some, you can stay fat if you don’t eat meat!

Some people will say. If you are such a person, please live your life while being fat. It’s not a bad thing to be fat, and it’s also possible to choose a way of life where you can eat as much as you like and live.

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Before getting into the main subject, I would like to talk about one important thing. The problem is that I have decided that “I am fat = I am not good “, and there is nothing good or bad about being fat.

In India, being fat = wide and strong! There is a value of being thin = poor, and the more fat you are, the more favorable you are … Earlier, when I traveled, a local guide said.

In other words, it is up to you to label yourself for being fat, so the label “fat self = no good” creates a lot of stress and eats more. It can also be a vicious cycle.

Vegan Diet For Weight Loss

The only cause of gaining weight in this world is “overeating.”
People who eat when they are not hungry are fatter than overeating.

It’s okay to stop at a reasonable amount, but I just eat it … If this continues for one, two, three days, etc., it is natural that the number on the scale will increase. That’s right, the problem is that this “truth” is the problem, and the reason why I eat even though I know I’m fat is because there is something in my heart that I can’t satisfy.Vegan Diet For Weight Loss

What kind of stress is different for each person, but for example, it may be a relationship in the workplace, something that is not going well with your boyfriend, something that your savings are running out, and so on?

In any case, stress is also a “feeling that something is missing in me”, so the belief that “fat self = not ideal self = no good” is a chronic, faint stress. I will damage myself.
So, even if you know that you are fat, you eat too much in an attempt to satisfy your feelings of satisfaction.


Therefore, we will start by accepting only the fact that “I am fat” and removing the label “No”.
However, if you feel sick due to being fat, or if you feel various stresses due to being fat, you need to lose weight. If you think that “slim and thin, you can live more like yourself and happily”, please read about the specific vegetarian diet method that I will talk about here.

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I will teach you a relatively simple vegetarian diet.

Now, can a person who used to eat meat suddenly become a vegetarian who only eats vegetables and grains? The answer is … there’s a good chance it’s too much.

Suddenly I wrote that there is no body or lid, but it is
only possible for people who love meat and fish to stop suddenly. There are a lot of vegetarians around me, but I only know two people who loved meat could quit from that day.

So, it’s not realistic to suddenly become a vegetarian today. On the other hand, if you eat the same meal as before, you will gain weight instead of losing weight.So, what should I do?Stress is the number one cause of diet frustration.

First of all, I want to eat meat every day! I can’t think of a life where I don’t eat meat every day! For those who love meat, unfortunately, the vegetarian diet introduced here is not suitable , so please read this article to the end before deciding whether you can do it yourself.Collard Greens

So, what kind of people are suitable? Those who think “I like meat but don’t have to eat it every day” may be very successful with this vegetarian diet.

This is because the most important point of the vegetarian diet introduced here is to practice not to make the diet painful by being aware of “controlling stress”, which is the most important cause of frustrating the diet.

Best Vegan Diet For Weight Loss

Eat as much meat and sweets as you like only once a week.
Basically, people who go on this vegetarian diet are usually those who eat meat and fish, so if you put up with it without eating any meat suddenly, “stress” will build up. As I mentioned earlier, this stress is the number one cause of diet failure, so conversely, if you eat a diet that is as stress-free as possible, your diet will continue.

In the vegetarian world, there is an activity called “Meat Free Monday” promoted by former Beatles Paul McCartney all over the world. This is an exercise for people who usually like meat to take care of their bodies, animals and the global environment on Mondays when they don’t eat meat.

So, on this vegetarian diet, eat as much meat, fish and chicken as you like once a week. It will be hard to forget if you decide what day of the week every week.
In addition to meat, you should be satisfied with sweets, ice cream, and other foods that are generally said to be fat when eaten only once a week.

It’s important to face your heart properly so that you don’t have too much patience.


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Best Vegan Diet For Weight Loss
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Vegan diet for weight loss works or not?Do you want to lose weight here are some best vegan diet for weight loss
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